Marketing Affirmations

1. I am confident in my ability to make the sale.
For salespeople confidence is a must, however, no one feels 100% confident all the time. This affirmation is helpful for boosting your confidence when you’re approaching an intimidating deal or are experiencing imposter syndrome.

2. I possess the knowledge and skills necessary to support my customers.
Speaking of imposter syndrome, it typically occurs when we doubt our skills and abilities to deliver. Taking a moment to re-center and remind yourself that you possess or can learn the skills and knowledge needed to succeed is a great way to get back on track.

3. I deliver results.
A salesperson’s job is to sell, ultimately to boost their company’s bottom line. This simple statement reinforces the results you have delivered in the past, and will continue to deliver in the future.

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4. I can turn setbacks into opportunities.
Setbacks are common, but you can overcome them. The statement “I can turn setbacks into opportunities” acknowledges that setbacks occur, but don’t have to limit your potential.

5. Rejection gives me space to work with my ideal customer.
Every sales professional experiences rejection, however long bouts of rejection can be discouraging. If you’re feeling weighed down by rejection, this affirmation may be helpful.
While feeling rejected from potential customers can be frustrating, ultimately those experiences create space for you to support your ideal customer. This reframe can help you create a positive outlook after a negative event.

6. Every “no” I hear is an invitation to learn and improve.
Along the same lines, hearing rejection or being told no can be a great way to gather feedback. Reflecting on the sales you didn’t close, seek to understand what you can do differently next time, or where you can improve your approach. Seeing these occurrences as an invitation to do better is more encouraging than feeling upset over being told no.

7. I am an excellent problem solver.
Sales is all about providing your customer with solutions to their problems. Affirming your ability to be a creative, effective problem solver is a powerful reminder.

8. I help my clients by listening to their needs.
You can’t help your customers if you don’t listen to them and make an effort to understand their needs. Active listening is one of the key communication competencies of successful salespeople, and this mantra can help reinforce your listening skills.

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9. I drive results by doing my best.
This affirmation serves as a powerful reminder that doing your best is enough to make a difference.

10. I am prepared for anything thrown my way.
Part of turning skepticism, or rejection into opportunities is the ability to handle objections. This statement serves as a reminder of the importance of preparation.

11. I can achieve any goal I set.
Sometimes you just need pure positivity, and this affirmation is just that. As you work towards your sales targets, visualize your ability to close the winning deal.

12. I lead with integrity.
Unfortunately, salespeople have a reputation for being untrustworthy which can make their job building relationships and working with potential buyers more difficult than it needs to be.
This affirmation serves as a reminder to work and lead with integrity, which is crucial for building trust with your customers.

13. I am well compensated for doing what I love.
Commission-based compensation plans are stressful. One month you could be killing it, and paid well for it, and the next month you can hit an obstacle that can severely impact how much money you’re able to take home.
A mantra such as “I am well compensated for doing what I love” focuses your attention on earning what you deserve.

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14. I am constantly learning and evolving.
Even the most seasoned professional has ways they can learn and improve. Affirming this fact makes it easier to accept feedback and support throughout your career journey.

15. I know when to push and when to move on.
There’s no getting around it — salespeople need to know how and when to be persistent. However, it is just as important to know your client’s boundaries and when to move on.

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